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Pilot Callsign Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Stage DTG ETA
Timothy G. Timothy G. CAN1724 wja WJA1859 CYYC PHOG Boeing 787-9 (GE) We... In-flight 40.5nm 00:13
Charles S. Charles S. CAN3635 can CAN3635 FACT KDFW DVA B777-200LR In-flight 5513.2nm 11:23
John E. John E. CAN1031 ADV9034 KSEA PANC Boeing 737-823-Ameri... In-flight 511.5nm 01:10
Robby H. Robby H. CAN1007 can CAN1007 RKSI VVTS Airbus A330-300 US A... In-flight 2183nm 04:45
Kiran B. Kiran B. CAN2610 dlh DLH754 EDDK EDDM Fenix A320 - Lufthan... In-flight 229nm 00:37
Roy S. Roy S. CAN1231 can CANCC5 CYZF CYXY Boeing 737-800WL Wes... Descending 1nm 00:00