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Flight List

Pilot Callsign Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Stage DTG ETA
Malcolm W. Malcolm W. CAN3285 can CAN3285 YSSY CYVR PMDG 777-300ER Air C... In-flight 168.3nm 00:20
Ken B. Ken B. CAN2502 can CAN2502 PHNL KPSP PMDG 777-233LR Air C... In-flight 539.8nm 01:07
Bruce W. Bruce W. CAN3562 can CAN3562 LPPT HECA Boeing 777-300ER Egy... In-flight 182.7nm 00:36
Bastien L. Bastien L. CAN2585 aca ACA824 CYYZ EHAM PMDG 777-300ER Air C... In-flight 1975.2nm 03:51
Kiran B. Kiran B. CAN2610 anz ANZ1348 YSNF NWWM FenixA320_OCN WATRDN... In-flight 169.4nm 00:24
Colin M. Colin M. CAN2746 baw BAW477 LEBL EGLL Airbus-A320-Ultimate... In-flight 276.4nm 00:41
Michael S. Michael S. CAN3983 can CAN3983 LEPA EDDB Airbus A320 Neo FIC... In-flight 1193.8nm 02:35
Michael P. Michael P. CAN2614 aca ACA702 CYYZ KLGA B737-800X Air Canada... Descending 23.2nm 00:06
Ian B. Ian B. CAN3947 eja EJA183 KTPA KBOI PMDG 737-700BBJ N301... Climbing 2384.9nm 04:56